Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting organized

My capacity for organization on this project continues to astound me.  In past vegetable gardening efforts, I'd pick seed packets more or less at random out of a bag, wing it on planting day, and hope for the best. 

That approach never worked too well...

So here are this year's seed packets, sorted alphabetically.  The ones in the little area on the right are the packets I won't be needing again this year.

On the landscaping front, the Tomatoman and I went out on the town last weekend and bought a whole bunch of stuff.  Well, okay, I bought a whole bunch of stuff.  Tomatoman bought some stuff and consulted with me on lumber and other matters.  Tomatoman grows his tomatoes hydroponically, but he also has a vegetable garden, and while I can't get him as fired up as I am about extending the season into the fall, he's all over starting early in the spring, and is going to try a hoop house and a few other things this year.

The most expensive thing I bought was this:

As I thought when I saw the pitiful little fellas down there, my basement is no place for living things.  Except maybe spiders.  They like it.  I wanted something nice enough looking that I could keep it upstairs.  If things go well, I'm hoping to have it in production all year long; my house is small and there's no tucking anything like this into an out of the way corner.  Besides, even with the full spectrum fluorescents, the plants were so happy to have access to some natural sunlight.

Plants?  Why, yes!  How about oriental greens, that germinated in two days?


And my little field of mesclun greens:

I am so excited to get out into the garden itself I can hardly restrain myself, even though the ground is still partly frozen and the other part is muddy wet, we're expecting a snowstorm tonight, and I don't yet have the final ingredient, the lumber, to make my beds.  Unbelievably, the hardware stores in my neighborhood, Home Depot and Rona, no longer cut lumber, except, as the apologetic young men explained, with a handsaw; "Er, how many cuts do you need?"  It's a hardware store.  They can't liberate a power saw?  Nobody who works there knows how to use one?  So we went home, did some math, and the saintly Tomatoman is going to pick up the boards for me and cut them while I'm on vacation with my brother Bert this weekend.  The pause gave me time to think up some new ideas, though, so it wasn't at all all bad.

Next post I'll be dishing the real dirt, I hope!


  1. A SNOWSTORM? Tonight?@! Zoa, I have been known to threaten to move to Canada in protest of US politics, but ACK! I can not DEAL with snow in April! I can barely deal with it in February.

    Mark has grown peppers hydroponically; we still have all the equipment buried under piles of boxes in our basement. He had better luck with them outside in soil, though. I tried to convince him to try hydroponic tomatoes, but the only thing he will agree to grow is peppers. Meanwhile I just kill everything I ever try to grow. It makes me sad.

    This mystery Tomatoman sounds very nice!

    1. Yes, they say we could get up to 25cm of snow. It will all melt the next day, though. Or maybe it will pass us by altogether...such are the vicissitudes of weather in a temperate climate.

      A for the Tomatoman, he is pretty nice. Tomatoman and the Moon Goddess are my dad and mom:) He grows his hydroponic tomatoes outside, fifty or sixty plants each summer, and they do take a lot of care. When the parents go away on holidays I babysit my little red siblings...

    2. Ah, I didn't realize the Moon Goddess was your mom! You're lucky to have a close-knit family.

  2. Wow - this is amazing! Your organization skills are top notch - you really should be the Queen in charge of some small wonderful sustainable country somewhere in this world!! Fantastic - love your new blog here (not that I don't love your food blog too - it's outstanding as well)! You're inspiring me to want to grow a few veggies this summer - well at least inspiring me to try and get my husband to do it :O) Today is a wee bit depressing but we'll overcome! Good moisture for the earth to provide you with even more bounty this spring/summer! Look forward to reading more as the "growing" season proceeds!

  3. Oh, yes, bring on the small wonderful sustainable country. I'm all over that! Thanks for commenting on the new blog! In the end, I thought the snow was quite beautiful, and so much of it did melt during the course of the day. And when the sun came out in the late afternoon--paradise!